26 Feb 2021 | Edukatips

Access BCA Expoversary Online 2021 and Feel Amazing Experiences!

Access BCA Expoversary Online 2021 and Feel Amazing Experiences!

BCA Expoversary is such a familiar name for BCA customers! It is an annual tradition that is organized by BCA every February in celebration of its 64th anniversary, specially prepared for our beloved customers.

If BCA Expoversary is usually organized offline, this year’s event returns by being organized online. Because it is online, you can easily participate in BCA Expoversary Online 2021 from anywhere, isn’t it cool?

How to Access BCA Expoversary Online 2021

At BCA Expoversary Online 2021, you can get many special promos for House Ownership Credit (KPR), Motor Vehicles Credit (KKB), Motorcycle Credit (KSM), SOLUSI BCA, and other amazing experiences.

To get maximum experience when accessing BCA Expoversary Online 2021, you should register first:

Here’s how to access BCA Expoversary Online 2021:

  1. Visit www.expo.bca.co.id or if you see an Ad, click “Masuk Event” to enter the event.
  2. Expoversary Online 2021

  3. There are three ways to access BCA Expoversary:
    • If you received a BCA Expoversary invitation, select “Masuk sebagai Undangan” (Enter as Invitee) by entering your invitation code, and click “Masuk” to enter.
    • Register (non-invitee): Please fill in your data and click “Daftar” to register
    • If you only want to browse, select “Lanjutkan Sebagai Tamu” to continue as a guest.
    • For you who registered or entering the event as an invitee, you can collect Expo Points to get daily prizes in the form of Sakuku/Flazz balance of 150 thousand for 64 winners per day, and Grand Prizes of 5 iPhone 12 at the end of the expo!
    • Expoversary Online 2021

  4. Choose a product category you want: KPR, KKB, KSM, or Solusi BCA
  5. Expoversary Online 2021

Easy, right? Enter and feel an amazing experience that you can find at BCA Expoversary Online 2021. Mark the date: 27 February to 27 March 2021.

Check other important information:

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