27 Feb 2021 | Edukatips

Find Your Dream House at BCA Expoversary Online 2021

Find Your Dream House at BCA Expoversary Online 2021

At BCA Expoversary Online 2021, you can realize your dream to buy a house. There are more than 280 Residences and Apartments as well as more than 170 BCA-affiliated Property Agents where you can get a Special Interest Rate of 3.88% plus 50% discount on the administration fee!


First, visit www.expo.bca.co.id and make sure that you already Register. You can then go to the Expoversary homepage and select KPR.

You can search for your dream home based on residence name/apartment name.

  1. If you have one in mind, type in the residence/apartment name.
  2. You will see an information on the property you are looking for
  3. You can obtain a promo offer for BCA KPR Special Interest Rate for your dream property.
  4. Get the complete brochure here.

You can also search for other properties based on area/developer/property agent.

  1. Choose an area. Do you want a new residence or a second hand residence? What is the price range?
  2. Do you want to choose a Developer/Property Agent? Click Cari Sekarang button.
  3. Search for your favorite Developer/Property Agent, or type here and enter the Booth.
  4. Click the button to see available projects.
  5. Get the special promo. You can get a complete brochure and information on the promo.

Click the following to get other information:

  • Live Chat
  • Hubungi Saya or Contact Me by leaving your phone number to be contacted
  • Lihat Simulasi KPR to see KPR simulation
  • Ajukan KPR (isi e-form*) to apply for KPR and fill in an e-form)

Easy, right? Let’s apply for a KPR and feel an invaluable experience you can only get at BCA Expoversary Online 2021. Mark the date: 27 February to 27 March 2021.

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