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Use BCA Mobile QRIS Feature for QRIS Payment Anywhere

In this new normal era, the danger of Covid-19 still lingers. When you do activities, such as going to the mall, on your way to the office or anywhere else, you will be faced with a situation when you have to pay something. To avoid direct contact during transactions, the solution is to use the QRIS feature on BCA mobile.

Many people still do not know that the BCA mobile QRIS feature can now be used for payment anywhere as long as there is a QRIS from the electronic money providers.

Why BCA mobile QRIS?

There are many reasons why you should use BCA mobile QRIS feature:

  • QRIS transactions are more comfortable this time (no direct contact).
  • QRIS BCA feature does not need top up as long as you have balance in your account.
  • You can scan all QR with the QRIS logo available at merchants.

You can scan all QR with the QRIS logo available at merchants. For example, when you ride a taxi. The most comfortable payment method is to use the QRIS feature on your BCA mobile. Usually, a static QRIS is available on the front seat. You can just scan the QR code and enter the amount to pay. If the driver said you cannot use BCA, you can explain and ask the driver to verify the transaction through the media provided by the QRIS provider.

And, when you are at the mall to get lunch at the Food Court, buy coffees and snacks, do grocery shopping, etc. you will usually see QRIS on the outlet’s cashier. You can use those guys, you can scan whichever QRIS using QRIS in your BCA mobile. Explain to the cashier that BCA mobile can read all QRIS provided by any institution.

What are QRIS characteristics?

QRIS has specific characteristics such as the QRIS logo (top left), GPN logo (top right), outlet/merchant name (on the top of QRIS), terminal ID, and QR code. It will have a white background with a red accent on the left side and bottom right of the QR.

Here’s how to make payment using BCA mobile QRIS feature

When you make a payment at an outlet/merchant/taxi, do this:

  • Open the QRIS feature on BCA mobile (bottom center)

  • Scan the QRIS code available at cashiers, taxis, etc.

  • Check the recipient name and enter an amount transaction

  • Enter PIN m-BCA and the transaction is successful.

QRIS feature on BCA mobile can also be used for money transfer

The method is similar, namely by scanning the recipient’s QR code you can get from: Directly on the recipient’s phone screen, printed QR code, or QR code that is sent from chat, email, etc.

The QR format will be different from QRIS. QR for transfer is obtained from the QRIS feature on BCA mobile:

  • Open QRIS feature on BCA mobile
  • Click “Show QR” and a QR code will appear
  • Save, print out, or share the QR code to the money sender

Easy, right? To make payment or transfer money, let’s use the QRIS feature on BCA mobile anywhere you are.

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