03 May 2020 | Edukatips

Switch Your Transactions to Cicilan BCA for a Better Cash Flow

Hi guys, are you staying at home?

Living through at home and #WorkFromHome times might feel normal today. All of your and your family's financial needs can be done through #BankingFromHome.

Have you prepared some emergency funds if COVID-19 continues? This pandemic, to some extent, has been affecting our income and cash flows.

May you be safe from any financial excess. Some companies had cut their employees’ salaries or bonuses. Vendors and businesspeople suffered from declining revenues.

To manage your cash flow, the low interest rate of Cicilan BCA can be the solution. You can use the Cicilan BCA for BCA Credit Card transactions.

With Cicilan BCA, you can manage your cash flow by switching your BCA Credit Card transactions to light monthly installments. For a minimum transaction of Rp500.000, you can switch the transaction to Cicilan BCA with competitive interest rates and installment periods based on your needs, namely 3 (three) to 36 months.

Follow these easy steps to switch your transactions to Cicilan BCA:

  • Switch transactions directly at merchants that have the Cicilan BCA logo
  • You can switch every transaction that uses a BCA Credit Card into installments by typing “Cicilan”, send SMS to 89888 or call HaloBCA at 1500888, one day after transactions happen.

Cool, isn’t it? Convenient transactions, and undisturbed cash flow. Switch your transactions to Cicilan BCA.

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