19 Dec 2019 | Edukatips

3 (Three) Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Must Have Giro BCA

Do you already have a business but have yet to establish a business entity? You should do it soon for these reasons:

  1. Obtaining Legal Protection

  2. By establishing a business entity in the form of Perseroan Terbatas or PT, your company is acknowledged, approved, and registered at the Ministry of Law and thus your company name cannot be used by other people. In addition, your company also cannot be arbitrarily sued or unilaterally terminated.

  3. Opportunity to Expand to Foreign Market
  4. Your company can expand to a wider market if you have registered your company. Your opportunity to sell or market your products and services is getting bigger.

  5. Enhancing Company’s Professionalism
  6. By registering your company as a business entity, there will be a clear legal basis. This is surely an advantage for your company because users or consumers will not doubt the quality of service or products you offer.

  7. Easing doing business
  8. Your business opportunity to get a project or tender will be even greater because the tender process or project must have complete documents and have been recognized by the country. In addition, it will be easier for the company to get additional capital in the future.

If your business has been registered as a business entity, you need a Giro product to facilitate your company's business transactions. These are the advantages of Giro products:

  • Automatic Transfer System (ATS). If your balance is not enough, the fund will be automatically topped up from the savings.
  • Virtual account facility making it easier to identify received payments.
  • Giro Cheque/Billet facility to make payment transactions to your business partners easier.

Successful entrepreneurs usually have Giro account from BCA. Why Giro BCA? Here are 3 (three) reasons:

  1. Networking – BCA has a wide network of channels.
  2. Business community - Entrepreneurs usually have Giro BCA accounts.
  3. Powerful KlikBCA Bisnis (KBB) facility.
    • Transactions can be made anywhere and anytime
    • Safe transactions using VPN (Virtual Private Network) and KeyBCA
    • Complete and helpful feature of KBB

Think easy, open Giro BCA account now!

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