08 May 2019 | Edukatips

Some Tips to Stick to Your Plans

It is just a few days after payday, but your salary is already gone. 

It’s been a long time since your last vacation because you cannot afford it. 

Your plans are getting postponed all the time before you cannot save enough money.

If it is you, follow these amazing 3 (three) tips to stick to your plans!


Have you ever gone to the mall just to buy shoes, but because you were tempted by discounts, sales, etc., you end up buying more stuff? There are so many cashback promos and you went crazy buying things you do not need. At the end of the day, you realize you spent all of your money! You do not even remember what you bought.

Is that you? That means you are not good at planning your spending.

Take notes of all your spending and what you use your money for. Make it a habit to list all your spending on that same day to avoid forgetting. Done taking notes? Follow the next step.

Next! Create detailed financial planning!

Now, think more specifically about what you want to achieve in 3-5 years. Do you want to get married? Do you want to buy a house?

You need to start planning all of your expenses in the future. Save money for unnecessary expenses! Commit to saving and not buying things you have not planned.

This is the time for you to realize the plans you have postponed all these times.

Commit to saving #BeraniKomit

To realize your plans, you must commit to saving money #BeraniKomit. Make it a habit to save your money at the beginning, not the end. Put aside money for saving, not leave some for saving.

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