13 Mar 2018 | Edukatips

Cool Tips to Set up Your BCA Keyboard

Hiya! Have you got a BCA Keyboard in your smartphone? Wondering how to setup your BCA Keyboard as you want it to be? Keep calm, we have some cool tips for you.

Did not know what BCA Keyboard is? Check here

BCA Keyboard

How to switch from BCA Keyboard to a Standard Keyboard, and vice versa?


  • There are two ways of switching the BCA keyboard to a Standard Keyboard, namely:
    • Via BCA Mobile App
    • Login to BCA mobile app, click the Aktivasi BCA Keyboard, click Ganti Keyboard, and choose the Standard Keyboard (naming depends on the device used).

    • Via Keyboard
    • Press and hold the BCA clove logo until the BCA Keyboard or Standard Keyboard option pops up (naming depends on the device used), and choose the Standard Keyboard

  • If you want to go back using the BCA Keyboard, there are a couple of ways:
    • Via BCA Mobile App
    • Click Aktivasi BCA Keyboard feature, click Ganti Keyboard, and choose BCA Keyboard.

    • Via Device
    • In your device, click Setting, click General Management, and choose Language and Input.

      Choose Default Keyboard and choose Standard Keyboard.

    Are your keyboard size, word, and number’s button too small?

    Here are 2 (two) ways to configure your BCA Keyboard’s size. The first and important step is you have to login to your BCA Keyboard Setting.

    1. Via BCA Mobile App
    2. Click the Aktivasi BCA Keyboard menu, click the Setting menu on the top right, enter the Pengaturan BCA Keyboard page.

    3. Via Device
    4. Click the Setting menu, click General Management, and click Language and Input.

      Click On Screen Keyboard, click BCA Keyboard, and you will enter the BCA Keyboard Setting page.

    On that page, there are nine types of setting that you can choose:

    1. Key Size (keyboard button size)
    2. The keyboard button is too small for your liking? To enlarge or make it smaller, click “Key Size”. The default size is large. But, you can always change it to very small, small, medium, large, or very large.

    3. Keyboard theme
    4. To set your keyboard to Light (black letters, white background) or Dark (white letters, black background).

    5. Show Key Frame
    6. You can set up frames on your keyboard to see your keyboard buttons clearly.

    7. Auto Capitalization
    8. To set an auto-capitalization for every first letter you type.

    9. Double Space Periode
    10. To set the option to turn double space after each sentence into a period.

    11. Number Row
    12. If you rarely use the keyboard button to type numbers, you can turn off the Number Row feature.

    13. Character Preview
    14. To set the option to see the character/number as you type.

    15. Active Sound
    16. To set the option to active typing sound.

    17. Vibration
    18. To set up vibration sound as you type.

How cool is that? You can configure your BCA Keyboard according to your need.

Update your BCA mobile app and activate BCA Keyboard now. To start, you can download the app in the Play Store (BCA Keyboard is only available for Android and iOS).

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