01 Feb 2019 | Edukatips

Buy Game Vouchers via Sakuku for More Benefits

Hi Gamers!

If you are a game lover, it is now easier to buy game vouchers from your phone via Sakuku. Sakuku makes your gaming experience even more exciting.

It is easy to buy them.

Make sure you have downloaded/updated Sakuku to latest version in PlayStore/Appstore

Download/Update Sakuku now!


How to buy game vouchers in Sakuku

Click the Voucher Game feature on the Sakuku menu. The feature will automatically be available on the first page when you open Sakuku.

Click the game icon you desire.

Enter the game user ID and choose the amount you want, click “Lanjut”. Forget your User ID? Just click the “i” symbol on the top.

There will be instructions on how to find your User ID.

Confirm your User ID and the amount chosen. Click “Lanjut” if it is already correct.

Input the Sakuku PIN. The transaction is successful. Your game balance will be increased automatically.

Want to share your receipt?

Click the “share” or “copy” symbol under the receipt.

There will be options of where you want to send the receipt to.

If you choose “Share”, then the receipt will be in the form of an image.

If you choose “copy”, then your receipt will be in the form of a text.

Your receipt will be recorded in Info Mutasi and Inbox

Your purchase transaction will be recorded in Info Mutasi and Inbox.

Where Did the Sakuku Kontak Menu Move?

In the latest Sakuku app, you can still see your friend’s contact who has a Sakuku account in the “Setting” menu.

After clicking the “Setting” menu, the Kontak Sakuku will show.

Gamers, wouldn’t it be exciting to always have the item you desire? Buy game vouchers with Sakuku. Check out the complete promo here.

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