20 Jan 2019 | Edukatips

3 (Three) Tips to Control Credit Card’s Security

Credit cards offer a solution for easier and more practical transactions. With credit cards, we can buy any product we need, anytime and anywhere. However, credit card users also need to be aware of various fraud modes, such as skimming, phishing, and social engineering aimed at obtaining personal banking data such as credit card data. 

So, what are the tips to credit card transactions safe? Here’s the explanation. 

Regularly Change Your PIN and Maintain Data Security

Change your credit card password or PIN regularly using a combination of numbers that are hard to guess. Avoid updating your PIN with dates of birth such as 101112, number sequences such as 654321, repeating numbers such as 333444, or your birthday or your loved ones. Last but not least, never share important credit card data – PIN, credit card number, valid thru, and CVV/CVC – with anyone and under any circumstances. Remember #YourDataYourSecrets. 

Pay Attention to Transaction Notification SMS and Emails

BCA provides SMS and email notification facilities to BCA credit cardholders for every transaction in certain categories that comply with the parameters set by BCA. The tip is to pay attention to every incoming SMS and email notification, especially those related to BCA credit card transaction notifications. If there is a suspicious transaction notification, you can immediately the credit card via myBCA, BCA mobile, or Halo BCA 1500888.

Activate and Deactivate Credit Cards Based on Your Needs

As we know, credit cards offer various transaction conveniences. But it is better to deactivate unused transaction features, and reactive them when needed. One way is through the Credit Card Control feature in the myBCA application which allows each BCA credit cardholder to activate and deactivate each BCA credit card transaction as needed.

For example, if you disable international transactions on a BCA credit card, it means only that BCA credit card cannot be used for transactions abroad. Meanwhile, other BCA credit cards will not be affected by the change.

Apart from international transactions, the Credit Card control feature can also be used for domestic transactions, contactless transactions, and e-commerce transactions. 

Do you want to know how? Take a look at the steps below.

  1. Log in to myBCA app
  2. Select Akun Saya, and then select Kontrol Akun
  3. Select Kartu Kredit and choose the card you want to manage
  4. Select Kontrol Kartu Kredit and select the types of transaction you want to enable or disable
  5. A confirmation screen will appear and enter your PIN for verification
  6. BCA credit card transaction control has been successfully done

It’s easy, no? Let’s do these 3 tips to ensure your credit card security. Hope it's useful, guys!