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Benefits of Shopping with Cicilan BCA

Have you ever experienced an emergency situation? Such as when your smartphone is damaged when you really need it for work and you inevitably have to replace it immediately. 

For those of you who already have a credit card, you can take advantage of your card. In addition to frequent promos or discounts for Credit Card holders, you can also use the Cicilan 0% facility or installment with low interest. 

With Cicilan, you can buy your needs, but don't burden your monthly expenses too much because you can adjust the amount of monthly installments according to your ability.

What is Cicilan itu?

There are two payment methods using a credit card, namely paying in full according to the price of the item or changing the payment to installments with Cicilan facility. Cicilan is a payment scheme that allows you to use a credit card to buy an item by paying it in installments every month within a certain period of time to pay off the total purchase price.

Banks usually offer two installment schemes. First, Cicilan 0% or installment facility allows you to pay in installments in a fixed amount and is not subject to interest. Second, low-interest installments or Cicilan Bunga Ringan, which is a method of payment in installments and subject to interest but lighter than the interest set if you pay a minimum monthly bill for your credit card purchases.

What are the benefits of using Cicilan?

Below are several benefits of using Cicilan:

  1. You can choose between Cicilan 0% or Cicilan Bunga Ringan (competitive rate)
  2. Time period is adjusted with your need or ability to pay for the installments, namely 3 to 36 months 
  3. With Cicilan, you can buy the items you need in installments (without interest) or with low interest over a predetermined period of time. So it doesn't burden your finances too much and you can manage your monthly expenses.

3 (Three) Ways to Change Your Transaction into Cicilan

If you are a BCA Credit Card holder, you can take advantage of Cicilan BCA. You can convert any transaction using a BCA credit card, except cash advance (cash withdrawal) and autopay (regular bill payments, such as PLN electricity or TV subscription), into Cicilan with a minimum transaction value of IDR 500 thousand. The three ways you can choose are as follows:

  1. Via BCA mobile via the m-Info menu, check the method here
  2. If you shop at an offline store that displays 'Cicilan BCA' sign, you can directly ask the store cashier to convert your BCA credit card transaction into Cicilan via the EDC machine.
  3. Change your transaction into Cicilan by sending an SMS consisting the word ‘Cicilan’ to 89888.
  4. Another alternative is to call HaloBCA 1500888, the change in your transaction into Cicilan will be effective one day after the transaction was made.

Remember this when using Cicilan:

Despite the convenience of using your credit card’s Cicilan feature, you should pay attention to these things:

  1. Check your credit card limit, is there any remaining limit you can use for Cicilan. Remember, the amount of credit card limit does not mean you can use it to the maximum limit, let alone over the limit. We recommend you use it under your credit card limit, and then determine the period and amount of (fixed) monthly installments according to your ability to pay.
  2. Check whether there are additional costs from the bank that has the Cicilan program, such as administrative fees.
  3. Pay the installments on time according to the agreed amount. Otherwise, you will be charged late interest according to bank policy

Interested to use Cicilan? To get detailed information about Cicilan BCA, click here

Shopping using a credit card is convenient but use it wisely to keep your monthly expenses under control.

To receive more information about BCA credit card products, services, and promos, click www.bca.co.id/creditcard