26 Nov 2018 | Edukatips

How to Activate a Dormant Account

When you have multiple accounts, you might find that one of your banking accounts is rarely used for transactions. This typically happens with secondary accounts that are mostly used to simply save money. Unfortunately, account with no records of transactions for a certain period will be automatically closed.

Before the account is closed by the system, it first becomes a passive or dormant account. However, you don’t need to worry if this happens, because dormant accounts can be reactivated. Find out the conditions and how to reactivate the passive account below!

Getting to Know a Passive (Dormant) Account

A BCA account becomes passive when there is no banking activity, either debit or credit transactions, for 6 consecutive months. All types of BCA accounts can become passive, from Tahapan, Tahapan Gold, Tahapan Xpresi, Tapres, TabunganKu, Simpanan Pelajar, Giro, to BCA Dollar.

When an account has been declared passive, you cannot perform many banking transactions using that account. You can only carry out financial transactions through BCA e-Channels, such as myBCA, BCA mobile, KlikBCA, and ATM BCA. The daily transaction limit will be adjusted to the type of BCA ATM card you have.

Customers can still perform activities exceeding the daily transaction limit through a bank teller. However, this will require an override process from the Bank Supervisor.

Passive (Dormant) Account Minimum Balance

Accounts can become dormant if the minimum balance is not met and there is no activity for 6 (six) consecutive months. Below are the requirements for rupiah and forex account types:

Currency Minimum Balance

Rupiah (IDR)


United States Dollar (USD)


Singapore Dollar (SGD)


Hong Kong Dollar (HKD)


Euro (EUR)


British Poundsterling (GBP)


Australian Dollar (AUD)


Japanese Yen (JPY)


Chinese Renminbi (RMB)


As for TabunganKu, Simpanan Pelajar, and Virtual Account* will be declared dormant if there is no transaction for several months regardless of the minimum balance and will be charged a dormant account fee with the following details:

Account Type Declared Dormant if there is no transaction for Dormant Account Fee/month


6 months


Simpanan Pelajar

12 months


Virtual Account

18 months


*Virtual Accounts refer to a dedicated account given to the company partner customers to be used as a means of bill payment to their customers.

How to Activate a Dormant Account

Customers can reactivate the dormant account at the nearest BCA branch. Here are the requirements that you need to bring when activating a dormant account:

  • BCA savings passbook
  • Paspor BCA (ATM) card
  • Original KTP of the account holder

Customers are also required to make a debit account transaction at least once at the nearest BCA branch. The account will be reactivated within 1x24 hours and can be used as usual.

Inactive Accounts Cannot Receive Transfers

BCA accounts will be automatically closed by the system if there are no transactions for 18 consecutive months with a balance of 0 (zero). As of November 1th, 2023, the BCA account will be automatically closed by the system if the balance is Rp0 (zero rupiah) for 12 consecutive months. For Simpanan Pelajar account, the account will be automatically closed by the system if the account is inactive for 12 consecutive months and the balance is less than or equal to Rp5,000.

Accounts that have been inactive or permanently closed can no longer be used by the owner. This means that the owner of the account is also unable to conduct all banking transactions using the account.

Dead accounts also cannot receive fund transfers from any bank account. Transfer transactions to account that have been automatically closed will be canceled automatically. The funds will be refunded to the source account.

You can find out whether your BCA account is still active or not in various ways. Here are the ways that can be done:

1. Make Transactions

You can do all banking transactions if you have an active account, from transfers, payments, and cash withdrawals at ATMs. However, if you aren’t able to do all of them, the account is no longer active.

2. Check the Banking Channel

The next step is to check with BCA’s channels. Customers can check their account status on mobile and internet banking. Then, check the status of your personal account.

3. Contact Halo BCA

Customers can contact costumer service at 1500888 or via the HaloBCA app. Ask the officer the status of yoru BCA account by mentioning the account number. The officer will inform you about the status of your account.

4. Go to the Nearest Branch

You can also visit the nearest branch office. Bring your passbook, Paspor BCA card, and ID card (KTP). If your account has been closed automatically, you can immediately open a new account.

That’s how to reactivate a dormant account and how to check if your account is still active. Keep using your BCA account regularly to keep it active.