23 Oct 2018 | Edukatips

How to Increase Your Credit Card Limit

There are many reasons for cardholders as to why they want to increase their credit limit. BCA also makes it easy to increase credit limits through BCA mobile and myBCA. Cardholders can apply for the new limit they desire for the bank to process.

Having a greater limit ensures freedom of transactions for cardholders. Furthermore, they can enjoy other benefits with a credit card, such as reward bonuses and promos at various merchants. Find out how to increase the BCA credit limit below.

Steps to Increase BCA Credit Limit

You can increase your credit card limit from time to time.

Here’s the channels to request the increase of BCA Credit Card limit:

  1. Via myBCA
  2. Via BCA mobile
  3. Call Halo BCA 1500888 or via haloBCA app

How to Request Credit Card Limit via myBCA

  1. Open myBCA application and log in with 'BCA ID & Password' or use the 'Masuk dengan Biometrik' feature
  2. Choose Akun Saya, then select Kontrol Akun
  3. Select the Credit Card you want to set, then select Request Limit
  4. Enter the nominal according to your needs and financial capabilities, then accept the terms & conditions
  5. Enter the Transaction PIN for verification and the request for Credit Card limit increase is successful

How to Connect a BCA Credit Card to BCA mobile

To apply for a BCA credit limit via BCA mobile, make sure the BCA credit card is connected to BCA mobile. 

  1. Log in to BCA mobile
  2. Go to the “m-Admin" menu
  3. In the “Koneksi Kartu Kredit” connection, select "Daftar"
  4. Input your Customer number or BCA Credit Card number, click "Send"
  5. Enter your BCA mobile PIN
  6. Credit Card Connection is successful

How to Request a BCA Credit Limit Increase via BCA mobile

If your BCA Credit Card has been connected to BCA mobile, follow these steps to apply for a BCA Credit Card limit increase. 

  1. Log in to BCA mobile
  2. Go to the “m-Admin" menu
  3. Select "Request Limit Kartu Kredit"
  4. Enter the new requested limit, click "Send"
  5. Check the requested limit details, click "OK"
  6. Enter your m-BCA PIN, click "OK"
  7. Credit limit request is being processed

That’s how to increase your BCA credit limit. You don’t have a BCA Credit Card? Apply now from the BCA website or visit the nearest BCA Branch. Enjoy the benefits of BCA Credit Cards for various transactions.

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