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Payments on principal and yields are guaranteed by the Government


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SR016 subscription starts from Rp1 million


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State Sharia Bond/Surat Berharga Syariah Negara (SBSN) are bonds issued by state based on Sharia principles, as the evidence of part equity to assets SBSN, either in Rupiah and foreign currencies.

Retail Sukuk/Sukuk Negara Ritel (SR) are SBSN that are sold to individuals who are Indonesian Citizens through Distribution Partners.


Fixed & Competitive Rate of Benefit/Coupon
At Primary Market, the Coupon offered is higher than the average interest rate of BUMN bank deposits, with fixed Coupon of 4,95% p.a
Capital Gain Potential
Potential to gain profit if SR016 is sold at certain price in the Secondary Market
SR016 can be traded in the Secondary Market after the holding period
Use as Credit Collateral
SR016 can be used as collateral for loan applications at BCA with a special rate on Local Loan, Time Loan Revolving and Installment Loan
Complying to Sharia Principles
Investors get access to activities in the financial market in ways and methods that do not conflict with sharia principles.
Participation in Nation Development
Opportunity to participate in supporting national development financing
Default Risk
Is a risk where the investor can’t get the payment of funds promised by the issuer when the investment product matures.
Market Risk
Is a loss potential to investor due to the factors that affect the overall performance of financial market.
Liquidity Risk
Is a risk where investor can’t sell/liquidate investment product in a short time at a reasonable price.
SR016 brochure
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SR016 Memorandum
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