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BCA Corporate Business Account

Fulfill Business Needs with Ease

Why BCA Corporate Business Account?


As simple as credit card transactions

Competitive Rates

Subject to monthly interest rate of 1.75% should payment is not made in full


Unsecured loan ceiling and terms of payment up to 46 days

BCA Corporate Business Account

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CBA is an account used to purchase goods & services at BCA partnered merchants.

Other Benefits

Flexible usage and returns with competitive rates charged if payment is not made in full.
Scheduled Payment
Monthly billing with minimum payments of 5% or Rp50,000 (whichever is greater)

Important Information


CBA is an account used to purchase goods and services at BCA partnered merchants.

CBA borrowers must sign a delivery receipt and/or an invoice for every transaction made. Any failure to sign such receipt and/or invoice does not relieve the borrowers of their obligations to pay said bills arising from the transaction.

BCA is not responsible for:

  • Refusal of transactions made by merchants.
  • Quality of merchant goods and/or services in relation to transactions made by CBA borrowers.
  • CBA borrower’s complaints related to this matter must be resolved directly by CBA borrower with the merchants. The CBA borrower’s claim against merchants does not release or suspend the CBA borrower’s obligation to pay the outstanding balance to BCA related to the transactions.

If CBA borrowers find any transaction that is not made by them on the CBA billing statement, they must immediately bring such discrepancy into question or file a complaint via Halo BCA and then submit a dispute letter within the first 30 calendar days from the date of the CBA bill, including the following information:

  • CBA borrower name and customer number
  • Transaction date
  • Transaction details and amount disputed
  • Reasons for disputing discrepancies
  • CBA borrower’s signature

Corporate Business Account Working Mechanisms

  • CBA borrowers order goods from distributors (as a CBA borrower).
  • BCA CBA partners only need to send the transaction data to BCA for confirmation.
  • BCA CBA partners send goods to CBA borrowers.
  • BCA CBA partners will receive payments from BCA.
  • CBA borrowers will have a CBA borrower customer number to secure transactions with BCA CBA partners.
  • CBA borrowers can make payments to BCA at any time, before or after receiving the billing statement (Credit Card Account).

Terms for Borrower Application

Company Legality

  • Deed of Establishments & Amendments
  • Decree of the Ministry of Justice/Proof of Registration
  • Business License (SIUP), Tax Identification Number (NPWP), Business Domicile Letter (SKDU) and Company Registration (TDP)
  • KTP and NPWP of all company management and shareholders

Financial Documents

  • Laporan Keuangan 2 tahun terakhir
  • Rekening Koran Perusahaan 3 bulan terakhir

Agreement Document

  • Application Form for CBA BCA facility
  • Recommendation letter (from BCA CBA partners)

Fees & Limits

Type of Fee Fee Amount

Interest Rates*



Fixed Amount:

· Rp1 million/year

For credit limits under Rp250 million

· Rp2 million/year

For credit limits from Rp250 million to Rp1 billion

· Rp5 million/year

For credit limits above Rp1 billion

Minimum Payment

5% of the total bill or a minimum of Rp 50.000 (whichever is greater)

Late Fees

1% of the minimum bill or a maximum of Rp 100.000 (until June, 30, 2024)

Note: *If the outstanding amount is not paid in full then interest is levied.

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