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BCA Smartcash

Fulfil every business needs practically

Why BCA Smartcash?


Easy transaction using credit card without administration, provision and cash withdrawal fee

Broad network

Ease of transaction such as cash advance (cash withdrawal and transfer) in all BCA ATM, retail transaction with BCA merchant partner and online transaction with merchant Klikpay BCA

Competitive interest rate

Competitive interest rate calculated daily

BCA Smartcash

BCA Smartcash card is the key, as easy as using credit card, also available for large number of loan to fulfill every business needs

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BCA Smartcash

BCA Smartcash

Discretion of fulfilling business need with cash injection as easy as transaction with credit card


Flexible usage and repayment with competitive interest rare that calculated daily
Non-collateral credit
Available for non-collateral facility
Monthly bill with minimum 10% payment from total bill balance every month
Cicilan BCA
Transform any transaction to installment with competitive interest rate
Autopay BCA
Summarize all bill monthly routine into one BCA credit card payment

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