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Time Deposit Money Market

Investment with enormous return level

Deposito Berjangka Money Market

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Time Deposit Money Market

Time deposit money market is customer saving in BCA in form of Rupiah and foreign currency that can be invested in money market, and the disbursement of fund only can be done in certain time


Alternative for Rupiah or USD currency investment

Get to Know

  • DBMM tends to be Non-ARO (Non-Automated Roll Over)
  • Can be owned by individual/ organizational customer
  • Can be traded to BCA solitaire, BCA Prioritas and corporate customer
  • Currency placement IDR and USD
  • Minimum nominal placement IDR 50 billion, USD 5 million
  • Tenor : 1W, 2W, 1M, 2M, 3M
  • Final interest fee is 20%
  • The transaction will be done over spot or in 2 days

Fee, Limits and Interest Rate

There's no fee for this service

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