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Credit Facility Payment

Credit Facility Payment

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Credit Facility Payment

With just a few clicks, credit facilities can be easily paid. Payments can be made for Time Loan and Trust Receipt facilities.

Benefits :

Payments can be made online and through self- service for all KlikBCA Bisnis users.
Freedom to choose the loan based on priorities and needs.
Transactions will be processed instantly, both on business days and holidays.
Full or partial payments (specifically for Distributor Financing) can be made from 06:00 to 20:00 WIB on both weekdays and holidays.

Important Information

Out-of-Schedule Credit Facility Payments

Credit payments can be made in full outside the regular payment schedule. Specifically for Distributor Financing, partial payments are allowed. Payments can be made for credits that have met the minimum usage days (if applicable).

Guide to Access Credit Facility Payments

  1. Log in to KlikBCA
  2. Select the Credit Facility menu.
  3. Choose the Sub-Menu Credit Facility

Notes: The Credit Facility Payments menu for Multi- Authorization needs to be set by the SysAdmin in the User Maintenance Menu - User Groups and Account Maintenance Menu – Accessible Credit Facility.

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