Savings account for student

Why Simpanan Pelajar?


First deposit only IDR 5,000 and free administration fee


Passbook and card with the student name

Saving Culture

Shaping the culture of saving and getting to know the world of banking among students

Simpanan Pelajar


Special savings for PAUD, SD, SMP and SMA students as a learning media to prepare for the future, as well as an introduction to the world of banking from an early age.

Important Information

  • Available in Rupiah currency
  • Not allowed to open a joint account
  • Customers are only allowed to open 1 account
  • Customers will get SimPel Card as proof of ownership (with the owner's name)
  • Account status will become dormant if it is inactive for 12 consecutive months.
  • The account is not given interest
  • The account cannot be used for payroll and auto debit purposes
  • Recording transactions using print statements at branches
  • Open SimPel account can be done via schools that have partnership with BCA

Opening Requirements

12-17 years old

  • Student Card/Authorized Letter from school *)
  • Parent's valid ID (KTP/Paspor)
  • Parent's NPWP (if any)
  • Letter of Approval from parents for account opening
  • Customer Data Form (for one of parent's data) **)

Below 12 years old ***)

  • One of parent's valid ID (KTP/Paspor)
  • Birth Certificate/Family Card/Child Identity Card
  • Parent's NPWP (if any)
  • Student Card (if any)
  • Customer Data Form (for one of parent's data) **)

*) If there are no Student Card/Authorized Letter from school available, must follow the opening requirement for age below 12 years old
**) If the parent don't have BCA account
***) Require the presence of one Parent/Guardian
Type of Account Holder Document
<12 Tahun 12-17 Tahun
Pelaku Orang tua Anak yang bersangkutan
Penandatanganan di kartu dan Aktivasi PIN Orang tua Anak yang bersangkutan
Status rekening Orang tua Anak yang bersangkutan
Nama rekening Orang tua Anak yang bersangkutan
Savings account for student



Fee (IDR)

Minimum Initial Deposit


Minimum Future Deposits


Minimum Balance Withheld


Maximum Balance


Debit Card Replacement


Account Closing Fee

5,000 or as value as the remaining balance if it is below 5,000 and dormant

Debit Transaction Fee 2,500 per transaction after the 5th transaction
Passive Account Fee 1,000 per month since the 13th month
Transaction Print Fee Free



Limit (IDR)

Withdrawal Limit

Maximum IDR 7,000,000

Transfer to BCA Account at the ATM

Maximum of IDR 25,000,000 per day

Cash Deposit Limit

Maximum of IDR 15,000,000 per day

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