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Experience the ultimate privilege

A card for well-established individuals with high mobility, who yearn for a comfortable and flexible transaction.

  • Dining Promo at 5-star hotels at select cities
  • Free Upsize at Starbucks
  • 0% BCA Installment overseas
  • Accepted over the Mastercard network
  • One-year fees-free for applications until 31 December 2021

BCA Installment

Convert your transactions into BCA installment with a very competitive interest and installment period of up to 36 months, including overseas transactions.

How to convert your purchases into BCA installment:

  1. At all merchants with Cicilan BCA sign
  2. Type cicilan and send SMS to 69888
  3. Contact Halo BCA 1500888

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Reward BCA

Get Reward BCA for every transaction using BCA Credit Cards. Redeem your reward at Reward BCA Merchants.

How to check your Reward BCA:

  1. BCA mobile
  2. www.bca.co.id/rewardbca
  3. SMS to 69888, type Reward(space)your BCA Credit Card numbers
  4. Halo BCA 1500888

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Autopay BCA

Combining all your bills into one single payment via BCA credit cards. The name listed must be under your own name.

How to activate Autopay BCA :

  1. Type Autopay and send the SMS to 69888
  2. Register through halo BCA 1500888

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Contactless feature allows for a faster and easier BCA credit card transaction at merchants using EDC. Simply tap your BCA Credit Card on a contactless enabled EDC machine, and your transaction is settled in an instant.

How to Activate Contactless Feature on BCA UnionPay:

  1. Make sure that your BCA Credit Card is active and has a contactless logo.
  2. The Contactless feature on the BCA UnionPay is active and ready to use.

Important information on BCA Credit Card contactless feature that you should know:

  • Contactless transactions are PIN-free. However, PIN is required for transactions above Rp1 million*
  • Daily limit for Contactless transactions is Rp3,000,000 with a maximum frequency of 10 times per day

* Valid in Indonesia, the amount of Contactless transactions using PIN following the applicable policies of each country.

Always keep your BCA Credit Card, because BCA Credit Card Contactless feature can be used for transactions without PIN. Don’t let your BCA Credit Card fall to the wrong hands.

If your BCA Credit Card is lost, block the card immediately via BCA mobile or Halo BCA 1500888. For BCA Visa Corporate, contact corporate services at layanan_korporasi@bca.co.id

Travel Service

Travel package services, tickets, passport and visa documentation with the following privileges:

  1. Order via telephone & ticket delivery facility
  2. Competitive price

Contact BCA Travel Service at:

(021) 235 88000. Ext. 10353, 10354, 10355

Automatic Travel Accident Insurance

Automatic Travel Accident Insurance is a facility provided for BCA Credit Cardholder, including 1 (one) spouse and a maximum of 3 (three) biological children.

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