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BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima

BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima

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BCA Life BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima is a health insurance product with Critical Illness Diagnosis Benefits and Death Benefits as well as an additional No Claim Bonus benefits. BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima offers a premium paying term of 8 (eight) years with a coverage period of 10 (ten) years. This product is offered at low-cost premiums through telemarketing channels.


  1. A standalone financial guarantee against critical illness diagnosis.
  2. Provides comfort and security, unburden your mind from medical bills for in-hospital treatment due to critical illness.
  3. Protection against the risk of death that can occur anytime, anywhere.

Key Benefits

  1. Critical Illness Diagnosis Benefits as follows:
    1. Early and Intermediate Stages of Critical Illness Diagnosis 
    2. Terminal Stage of Critical Illness Diagnosis 
    3. Compensation benefits 
  2. Death Benefits due to natural causes or accidents 
  3. No Claim Bonus benefits of 50% (fifty percent) of the total paid premiums at the end of the 10th (tenth) policy year, in which the Policy is still in force and claim-free.


  1. Protection against Critical Illnesses

    BCA Life Perlindungan Kritis Optima provides protection against Early, Intermediate, and Terminal Stages of Critical Illnesses. It also provides monetary compensation (only for diagnosis of terminal critical illness) to ease the burden of medical expenses.

  2. Affordable And Easy Premium Payment

    Low-cost premiums starting from Rp127,000 per month, which can be paid monthly or yearly, automatically debited from a BCA savings account or BCA Credit Card.

  3. Attractive Premium Program: Pay 8 Years Free 2 Years of Protection

    Simply pay premiums for 8 years and you will get coverage for 10 years from BCA Life.


The data or information listed on this page is presented and/or calculated based on data provided by the insurance company partner to PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA). Such data or information is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute recommendation in any form and for any purpose and it is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any product.

The product listed on this page is an insurance product issued by the insurance company partner in collaboration with PT Bank Central Asia Tbk (BCA) and is NOT a product or responsibility of BCA. BCA only acts as the party that provides references or markets the insurance products issued by the insurance company partner. This insurance product and the investment it contains (if any) is NOT part of a third-party deposit at BCA, and it is not guaranteed by BCA and DOES NOT FALL within the scope of the deposit guarantee program as referred to in the statutory provisions concerning deposit insurance corporations. The use of the BCA logo and/or other attributes in the brochures or other marketing documents (if any) are based on BCA’s agreement and as a form of marketing collaboration between BCA and the insurance company partner.

Investments in insurance products contain risks that allow (prospective) Policyholder and/or the Insured(s) to lose part or all their invested capital. (Prospective) Policyholder and/or the Insured(s) are required to read and understand the characteristic of insurance products including, among others, features, benefits, risks, membership requirements, claim procedures, fees, and investment in insurance products (if any) before purchasing an insurance product. Every choice of insurance products and investments shall be the sole responsibility and decision of (prospective) Policyholder and/or the Insured. The performance of the insurance and investment products in the past is not a guarantee of future performance.

BCA shall not be responsible for the truth, accuracy, or completeness of data or information, materials, and the results of calculating the investment performance of this insurance product, including errors in data and information contained on this page and any amendments or other documents officially approved and/or issued by BCA insurance company partner.

BCA and the insurance company partner are registered with and overseen by the OJK.

Terms and Conditions

Entry Age: 6 months – 55 years
Payment: automatic monthly or annually payment debited from BCA savings account for 8 years.
Coverage: 10 years since the policy in force

Benefit Table

Benefit Table (in thousands of Rupiah)

Types of Benefit Plan A Plan B Plan C Plan D
Sum Insured 200.000 300.000 400.000 500.000
  1. Critical Illness diagnosis Benefits:
    1. Early & Intermediate stages of Critical Illness diagnosis
    2. Terminal Stage of Critical Illness diagnosis
    3. Compensation




2. Death Benefits:
  1. Natural causes
  2. Accidental
3. No Claim Bonus benefit at the end of the 10th policy year 50% of the total paid premiums if the Policy is still in force and claim-free


The amount of premium paid by the Policy holder includes acquisition cost, telemarketing charges, Policy maintenance, and commissions for the Bank.

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