Outward Remittance via remittanceBCA

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Outward Remittance via remittanceBCA

remittanceBCA is a web-based application for foreign currency transfer that offers 13 different currencies for our customer to access anywhere and anytime, to better support any personal and business activities transaction.


Competitive Exchanges Rates and Fees
We provide ease for your transaction with the best e-rates and competitive fees.
FX Calculator
Featured with transparent exchange rates simulation.
Accessible anywhere and anytime

Outward Remittance transaction is now easier as it can be done anywhere and anytime via web-based remittanceBCA.

Important Information

Terms & Conditions :

  • Offer 13 Foreign currency (EUR, AUD, GBP, JPY, SGD, SAR, SEK, DKK, CHF, USD, HKD, NZD, CAD)
  • Transactions input is available for 24 hours and transactions are processed during BCA branch operational hours
  • E-rate
  • View foreign currency transactions guidelines via remittanceBCA here

Fees, Charges, and Limit

Description Amount
IDR 35,000
Limit per transaction
Min GBP 101 or
Min. USD 100 (eqv) - Max. USD 10,000 (eqv)