Yuan Remittance

Yuan Remittance

Outward Remittance service for Yuan transfer to all over the countries


Competitve Exchange Rates and Fees

Important Information

  • Sender and Beneficiary are individual or company
  • Provide the information of remitter, beneficiary, and beneficiary bank’s detail address (incl. city and province)
  • Provide the beneficiary’s contact details

Fees, Charges, and Limit

Description Fee
Telex Fee IDR. 50,000
Full Amount USD 25 (equivalent)
Provisi in Lieu Flat USD 5
Provisi in Lieu (Bank Notes) 0.125% x Nominal Transfer (min USD 5 – max USD 150 (eq.))
 Limit per day max IDR 500 milion 

Get the service

For Yuan Remittance Transaction with Corporate Beneficiary via KlikBCA Individu, KlikBCA Bisnis, and BCA Branch. For Yuan Remittance with Individual Beneficiary, can be done in BCA Branch.