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Remittance via KlikBCA Individu

Remittance via KlikBCA Individu

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Remittance via KlikBCA Individu

KlikBCA Individu offers Outward Remittance (OR) services for 14 foreign currencies that can be transferred to many banks in any country with competitive exchange rates and fees.


Special Promo
Discover the simplicity of borderless transactions with our exclusive promo. Enjoy our 100% Telex Fee Cashback promo for every Full Amount (Charge to Sender) transaction via KlikBCA Individu (KBI) that uses Rupiah as the source of fund by applying the promo code ‘PAKAIKBI’, valid until 31st December 2024.
E-Rate and Competitive Fees
With Remittance via KlikBCA Individu, we provide ease for your transaction with the best e-rate and competitive fees.
Less hassle
Outward Remittance transaction is now easier as it can be done anywhere and anytime via KlikBCA Individu.

Important Information

Terms and Conditions :

  • Available for 14 foreign currencies
  • Operating hours: 08.30–15.00 WIB
  • e-Rates

Fees, Charges, and Limit

Description Fees
Telex IDR 35,000
Full Amount
USD 25 (eq.)
Value Today
IDR 30,000
Provisi in lieu
0.125% x Transfer Amount
min USD 5 (eq.) – max USD 150 (eq.)
Limit per transaction
min USD 100 (eq.) – max USD 10,000 (eq.)
Limit per day max IDR 500 milion

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