AUD Remittance

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AUD Remittance

AUD remittance service to Australia in Full Amount or Value Today


Affordable Charges

With only AUD 20 transfer AUD to Australia will be received in Full Amount

Value Today

Transfer of AUD with value today cut-off until 13.00 can be received on the same day by the Beneficiary Bank (ANZ Bank and Commonwealth Bank)

BCA Full Payment - AUD

BCA Full Payment offers AUD transfer to Australia in Full Amount with non-Value Today basis at an affordable charge only for USD 10

Important Information

  • AUD Full Amount
    AUD remittance service to all banks in Australia in Full Amount with affordable charge.
  • AUD Today
    Transfer of AUD to Australia until 13.00 can be received same day by the Beneficiary Bank.
    List of Correspondent Beneficiary Bank:
    • ANZ Bank
    • Commonwealth Bank


Fees, Charges, and Limit

Description Fee
Telex Fee IDR. 50,000
Value Today IDR. 30,000
Full Amount AUD 20
Provisi in Lieu

0.125% x Nominal Transfer
(min USD 5 – max USD 150 (eq.))

Provisi in Lieu (Bank Notes)*) 0.25% - 2% x Nominal Transfer

*) The in Lieu Provision fee of banknotes source of fund shall follow the applicable terms and conditions relating to currency, denomination, and condition of the banknotes.

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