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BCA Keyboard

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BCA mobile access from your smartphone keyboard

Ease of banking transactions on your smartphone without having to switch to BCA mobile.

Important Information

This feature is available for Android and iOS


What is BCA Keyboard?

BCA Keyboard is a new way to access BCA mobile through your smartphone keyboard, which allows for transactions to be carried out without having to switch to BCA mobile.

Is BCA Keyboard available on my device?

BCA Keyboard can be used on Android smartphones and iOS

How to run BCA Keyboard?

  • You must download the latest version of the BCA mobile app from Google Play Store, and activate BCA Keyboard
  • Once BCA Keyboard is activated, you must select BCA Keyboard as the main keyboard on your smartphone

Who can use BCA Keyboard?

All BCA mobile users, both FIN and non-FIN status

What types of transactions can be made through BCA Keyboard?

  • Balance information
  • Account statement
  • Transfer between BCA accounts
  • Transfer to BCA Virtual Account

What are the provisions on the transaction limits and fees on BCA Keyboard?

It follows the limits applied on BCA mobile

Is there a fee to activate BCA Keyboard?

Customers are not charged for BCA Keyboard activation

Do I need to create a new Access Code and PIN for access through BCA Keyboard?

The Access Code and PIN used on BCA Keyboard are the same as the ones used on the BCA mobile

How to use BCA Keyboard?

It is very simple! Simply click the  icon on the bottom left of the BCA Keyboard, you will be instantly connected to BCA mobile.

If the BCA Keyboard icon doesn’t appear on the keyboard, what do I do?

Please ensure that the BCA Keyboard has been selected as the main keyboard in your smartphone settings.

Can I check my account statement within a specified period?

Account statement accessible through BCA mobile is only for the past 7 days. If you need to view bank statement within a specified period, simply go to BCA mobile.

What is the difference between the red and blue colors on bank statement?

It is to make the types of transactions easier to distinguish. Blue is for incoming bank transaction and red is for outgoing bank transactions.

Can I share the receipt obtained from BCA Keyboard?

Absolutely, receipts can be shared in the form of an image or text.

Is the image receipt automatically saved on smartphone?

No, the image receipt will disappear when BCA Keyboard is closed

I haven’t shared the receipt and the BCA Keyboard has been closed. What do I do?

You can see the receipt on the Inbox menu on BCA mobile

Is it possible to open BCA mobile and BCA Keyboard at the same time?

It cannot be done for security reasons. Only one application can be opened at a time.
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