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Access VIRA through Facebook Messenger Bank BCA, LINE @BankBCA, and WhatsApp Bank BCA.

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Chat with VIRA for assistance with banking service transactions and various promo info


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VIRA provides access to banking product assistance and services for BCA customers and non customers at any time.


Get all banking information accurately
Perform banking transactions via chat
Get OTP code for the safety of banking transactions

Important Information

Main Service VIRA

  1. Promo
  2. Information
    • Exchange Rate Info
    • Branch Locations
    • ATM Locations
    • Banking Security
    • Financial Check Up
  3. Credit Card
    • Credit Card Registration
    • Credit Card Administration*
    • Credit Card Information (check remaining limits, bills and credit card transactions)*
  4. Banking Service
    • Check Balance*
    • Check Transaction History*
  5. FAQ
  6. Games

*Banking transaction features are only available on LINE and Facebook Messenger. In order to access banking transaction features on VIRA, Customers are required to register VIRA.

Before registering VIRA, Customer must have e-Banking mobile phone number by registering at ATM BCA via e-Banking menu to receive an OTP Code.

Terms for e-Banking Mobile Numbers

  1. Make sure that you remember the registered mobile number on BCA e-channel
  2. Make sure that the registered mobile number is active and belongs to you
  3. BCA reserves the right to determine how many mobile numbers that can be registered with e-banking BCA
  4. If a mobile number has been registered with, activated, and is associated with another customer account, the said number cannot be used for new registration
  5. BCA reserves the right to remove registered mobile number from its database at its discretion
  6. You can find out your registered mobile number by contacting Halo BCA

How to Register VIRA

  • Register your mobile phone number at ATM BCA through e-Banking menu.
  • Access one of the banking transaction features on VIRA.
  • Agree to VIRA terms and conditions, then select Registration.
  • Enter BCA card number and select mobile phone number to receive OTP code. The OTP code is confidential and not to be shared with anyone.
  • You are connected and can enjoy banking transaction features at VIRA such as Check Balance, Check Account Statement and Credit Card Info.

Mobile phone numbers registered on BCA mobile can be immediately used for other e-Banking services such as VIRA and myBCA.

Chat with Vira

  1. Facebook Messenger
    • Search Bank BCA.
    • Make sure you find the verified account logo behind Bank BCA.
  2. LINE
    • Search @BankBCA.
    • Make sure you find the verified account logo behind Bank BCA.
  3. WhatsApp Bank BCA
    • Save the official number of Bank BCA 0811 1500 998 on your mobile phone and make sure the profile is verified on WhatsApp

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