• TabunganKu

    Individual Saving which so Easy and Convenient


TabunganKu is a savings account aimed at individuals, offering easy and convenient terms. TabunganKu is published simultaneously by multiple banks in Indonesia to encourage healthy saving habits and increase community prosperity without added monthly administration fee.

TabunganKu Benefits

TabunganKu offers various benefits. In addition to small minimum deposit, customers are not charged monthly administration fee to encourage saving habits.

  • Free monthly administration fee
  • Minimum initial deposit Rp 20.000
  • Minimum regular deposit Rp 10.000
  • Interest rates adjusted to account balance

What You Need to Know

TabunganKu is published simultaneously by multiple banking institutions in Indonesia, and only available in Rupiah. The following are terms and conditions for the product:

  1. Account available only in Rupiah
  2. Only available for Indonesian citizen
  3. Joint account “AND” or “OR” is not permitted
  4. Customers are only allocated one account, unless opening a TabunganKu account for a minor
  5. Customers will be provided with proof of ownership, such as TabunganKu bankbook and TabunganKu card facility
  6. Inactivity for six recurring months will result in inactive account status

TabunganKu account opening is available at all BCA branches that provide deposit, withdrawal, and transfers to BCA account. ATM BCA card can provide balance inquiry, cash withdrawal, transfer to BCA account, and PIN changing services.

TabunganKu card facility:

  • ATM Instan TabunganKu card
Initial deposit
Minimum Rp 20.000
Regular deposit
Minimum Rp 10.000
Minimum balance
Rp 20.000
Cash withdrawal
Maximum Rp 7.000.000 (per day) with minimum account balance of Rp 20.000 except for account closure (Minimum cash withdrawal is Rp 100.000)
Transfer between BCA accounts
Maximum Rp 25.000.000 (per day)

TabunganKu account interest rates

Annual Interest Rates
< Rp 500.001 0 %
Rp 500.001 - < Rp 1.000.001 0.25 %
>= Rp 1.000.001 1 %

TabunganKu Fees

Fee Type


Fee Amount

Passive fee

Fee for account dormancy, charged in 7th month

Rp 2.000 per month

Account closure fee

Account closure fee by customer request

Rp 20.000

Debit transaction fee

Fee charged beginning from fifth debit transaction within the same month. Debit transaction is qualified as debit transactions conducted through ATM or branch. Debit transaction will be charged at the end of the same month.

Rp 2.500 per transaction (per 1 October 2010)

Bankbook and card replacement fee

New replacement for bankbook and/or card


Monthly administration fee

Monthly administration fee


To protect your banking activities, please make a note of the following information:

  • TabunganKu has limited features (deposit, cash withdrawal, balance inquiry, and transfer at ATM BCA and BCA branch office)
  • Number of debit transactions limited to 4 times. Additional transactions will incur charges.

Get the Product

Getting a TabunganKu account is an easy process. Simply visit the nearest BCA branch with proof of identity and other required documents. Required documents for account opening is listed below:

Type of Account Holder
Proof of identity (KTP/Passport)
Individual—minor without guardian
  • Student card/Statement Letter from school
  • Proof of identity of parent/guardian
  • Permission letter from parent/guardian
  • 3x4 cm photograph
  • Individual account form (if parent/guardian is not a BCA customer)
Individual—minor with guardian
  • Birth certificate/family record
  • Proof of identity of parent/guardian
  • Student card (if available)
  • Court ordered guardian appointment letter (if represented by guardian)
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