Home Ownership Loan KPR

Do you wish to have a home but worry about finances? BCA offers credit loan facility Home Ownership Loan (KPR) BCA, a financing solution to help you purchase new or used home or a business. KPR BCA also supports your home renovation needs.

Know Your Needs

The best Home Ownership Loan (KPR) is one that provides the best solution according to your needs. Identify your needs and choose the right plan for your.

FIX 1-2 Year(s): No Acquittal Penalty

Enjoy fixed interest for the first 1-2 years and skip the penalty when you pay the whole thing (partial/complete).

Fix 3 or 5 Years: Fixed Interest Rates

Enjoy fixed interest rates for the first 5 years to protect your finances from market fluctuations. Once your FIX period expires, BCA will continue to ensure your interest remain stable.

Fix and Cap: Combination that guarantees fixed interest rates

For five years, you will be guaranteed fixed maximum interest rate combination.

Main Features
  1. Wide selection of interest rates and features adjustable to suit your needs
  2. Provide low interest rates and easy installments
  3. Penalty-free (except for Fix 3 years, 5 years, and Fix & Cap interest)
  4. Controlled Fix & Cap interest rate increase. After Fix period ends, interest will not exceed Cap ceiling
  5. Loan top up with the same collateral as the first loan is available, as long as LTV (Loan to Value) terms and conditions are still met
  6. Wide variety of collaborating development partners

KPR Interest Rates

Product Initial Interest Rate Fix Period Cap Period
Fix 1 Year** 8,75% 1 year (12 months) -
Fix 2 Year* 8,75% 2 years (24 months) -
Fix 3 Years 8,50% 3 years (36 months) -
Fix 5 Years 9,00% 5 years (60 months) -
FIX & CAP 8,25% (Fix)
10,00% (Cap)
3 years (36 months) 2 years (24 months)
Floating: 11,50%

*Penalty-free for earlier partial or whole loan acquittal for Fix 1 year or 2 years interest rates

Terms and Conditions

There is always a way to make dreams come true. Get the funds to buy your dream home by fulfilling these easy requirements.

Conditions Terms and Conditions
Applicant Indonesian citizen, minimum 18 y/o or married, full time employment, entrepreneur, or professional
Length of employment/business Employee
Length of employment: minimum one year with previous employer or total work experience of two years.

Entrepreneur and professional
Length of business experience: minimum two years (in the same field).
Maximum age when loan period expires Employee: 55 y/o.
Entrepreneur/professional: 65 y/o.
Installment amount Installment calculated from gross income (spousal income may be combined)
Insurance Must include life and fire insurance with banker’s clause conditions
Agreement Willing to sign loan agreement and Imposition Mortgage Deed (APHT or Akta Pembebanan Hak Tanggungan).
Payment Installments automatically debited from BCA account.

Document Requirements

No. Document Employee Business Owner Professional
1. Copy of applicant’s ID 
2. Copy of spouse  ID
3. Copy of Family Registration Card
4. Copy of Marriage Certificate
5. Copy of Applicant’s Tax ID *)
6. Copy of Annual Income Tax Report
7. Copy of Business License - -
8. Copy of Business Registration **) - -
9. Copy of Company Establishment Deed / Amendment **)                                      - -
10. Copy of Ministry of Justice approval Deed **) - -
11. Copy of Operation License - -
12. Original Pay Stub /Letter of Income Information (recent month) *) - -
13. Copy checking account or last 3 months saving account *)
14. Company’s Recommendation Letter  - -
  15. Notarial Deed of Prenuptial Agreement, registered with the KUA (Office of Religious Affairs) or the Civil Registry Office (if any)
16. Original copy of statement of any home loan or asset-backed loan facility, whether now in existence or currently in the application process.

House Document Requirements

No. Document Loan Purpose
Purchasing Renovation Another Consumption Need
1 Copy of Home Title Certificate / Building Use Rights. V V V
2 Copy of Building Construction License. V V V
3 Copy of latest Property Tax (Except for new property). V V V
4 Renovation breakdown expenses plan. - V -


*) For joint income document, couple’s document must be enclosed.

**) Only for PT (Limited Liability Company) business owner

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