Pancake Co by Dore - Special Offer

Promotion Period 10 Jun 2024 - 31 May 2025

For Customer

Special Offer

Terms & Conditions:

Buy 2 Get 4

  • Valid for purchasing certain drink menus:
    • Original Fromage shakes and get Ice Cappuccino Coffee.
    • Hot Nutty Oats and get Magic Lemonade
    • Ice Cocoa Cream Coffee and get Ice Latte Coffee.
    • Matcha Dalgona Coffee, get Happyyy Soda.
    • Hot Fluffy Matcha Latte, get Ice Lemon Tea.

Buy 1 Get 2

  • Valid for purchasing certain food menus:
    • Buy Truffle Steak Donburi and get Tiramisu Pancake Single
    • Buy Menchi Katsu Curry and get Original Maple
    • Buy Trio Mushroom Pasta and get Original Pancake Burger
    • Buy Cookies & Cream Souffle Pancakes and get Agli Olio Smoke Beef
    • Buy Carbonara Egg Onsen and get Choco Bomb Pancake Burger

Terms and Conditions :

  • Valid Monday - Wednesday

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