Diligently Invest on Mutual Fund, Get Cashback Up to IDR200,000!

Promotion Period 25 Mar 2024 - 28 Jun 2024

For Customer

Diligently Invest on Mutual Fund, Get Cashback Up to IDR200,000!

Get cashback of up to IDR200,000, for regularly investing on non-money market mutual funds with the minimum of IDR500,222 per month!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Promo Period: 25 March - 28 June 2024
  • Customers are required to include the unique code "222" behind the nominal value of each purchase transaction. Example of purchase nominal: IDR1,000,222,-
  • Valid for transactions on all transaction channels.
  • Valid for BCA investors who apply for regular subscriptions plan (make sure to tick the auto-invest option) during the program period with a minimum period of 12 months on Non-Money Market Mutual Fund products from certain Investment Managers with limited quotas, as follows:
    • PT Bahana TCW Investment Management: 300 first investors
    • PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen: 300 first investors
    • PT Manulife Aset Manajemen Indonesia: 200 first investors
    • PT Eastspring Investments Indonesia: 150 first investors
    • PT Panin Asset Management: 125 first investors
    • PT BNP Paribas Asset Management: 125 first investors
    • PT Ashmore Asset Management Indonesia: 100 first investors
  • Cashback is valid for 1x per customer. Maximum cashback of IDR 200,000/customer will be given in 4 periods with details as follows:
  • Month Debited

    Credit Estimates on

    Cashback Amount

    1st – 3rd month debited

    2nd Week of the 5th month


    4th – 6th month debited

    2nd Week of the 8th month


    7th – 9th month debited

    2nd Week of the 11th month


    10th – 12th month debited

    2nd Week of the 14th month




  • The auto-invest must be successful for each consecutive month (there are no months where the debit fails), make sure the balance is sufficient at least 1 working day prior to the scheduled debit.
  • There is a holding period until the 12th month of auto-invest, where there is no redemption (sale) and/or switching out (transfer out) from the start of the program period until the holding period ends.
  • If there is >1 auto-invest contract in accordance with the promo criteria formed during the promo period, then the transactions included in this program are (the first of first transacted) eligible auto-invest transactions.
  • The program cannot be combined with the cashback 20% for new investor program or the new Mutual Fund launching program.
  • The program can be combined with the No Mutual Fund transaction fee program, if any.
  • The auto-invest contract transaction must be created no later than June 28, 2024.
  • Customers who are eligible to receive the cashback must follow all the conditions stated above and are final.

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