BCA Astindo Travel Fair Bali - Special Offer

Promotion Period 01 Mar 2024 - 03 Mar 2024

For Customer

Special Offer

Terms & Conditions :

Cashback IDR670,000 with BCA Credit Card

  • Transactions of IDR10,000,000 and above (no multiples)
  • Valid for 85 transactions per day
  • Maximum 1x cashback per Cardholder during the program period
  • Cash back is only valid for transactions on the same day
  • Valid for transactions at participating travel agents
  • Cash back will be credited to the cardholder's billing statement max. 2 months after the event
  • Cannot be combined with Paylater Cashback on the same day

10% cashback with Paylater BCA

  • Cashback of 10% (max. IDR500,000) for a minimum transaction of IDR5,000,000 (does not apply for combining receipts / transactions)
  • Valid for payments processed using BCA Paylater by selecting a minimum installment tenor of 3 months.
  • Cashback is only valid once per day per customer (per person)
    • Do not apply repetitions / multiples;
    • No additions for different types of cards with the same name on the same day;
    • Does not apply to different payment products belonging to the same Customer on the same day.
  • Cashback redemption is only valid for transactions on the same day and date;
  • Cashback exchange can only be done by the customer directly by showing his/her identity card/identification card [physical KTP/SIM/Passport] (no representation is permitted);
  • Cashback only applies to transactions / purchases of travel products (made at Travel Agents) at the event location
  • Registration / cashback exchange is carried out at the BCA cashback redemption booth located at the event location. Details of the cashback program mechanism are as follows:
  • Date / Day Customer Quota Cashback Detail Information
     29 February – 3 March 2024
    Thursday - Sunday
    BCA Cardholder 20 per day Payments processed using Paylater BCA = Cashback will be credited to your Paylater BCA account within max. 2 months after the program / event ends

0% BCA Installments 3 & 6 Months

  • Minimum transaction of IDR500,000 for all types of BCA Credit Card     
  • Valid for transactions at EDC BCA at all BCA Astindo Travel Fair Participating Travel Agents of Bali


Main Atrium Lippo Mall Kuta - Bali

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