Telkomsel - Extra Data 2 GB

Until 31 Dec 2023

For Customer

Extra Data 2 GB

Terms and Conditions :

  • Kartu Kredit BCA Cardholders who register for Telkomsel mobile bills (Kartu Halo) via autopay BCA registration link at id/daftarautopaybca, during the program period will get:
    • Additional 2GB data package for 3 consecutive months (after the Telkomsel bill is successfully debited with Autopay BCA)
    • Reward BCA of 20% (maximum IDR 25.000) with a minimum bill of IDR 80.000/ Successfully debited Telkomsel Customer ID
    • Rewards are only given once during the program period
    • Reward BCA will be given no later than 2 months after the bill is successfully debited for the first time since Autopay registration via the webform
  • Reward BCA will be given no later than 31 March 2024
  • Valid for Autopay BCA registration with Kartu Kredit BCA except BCA Visa Corporate and BCA Visa Singapore Airlines

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