17 May 2024 | News & Features

Shop Local Products on WhatsApp Catalog

Shopping for local products is now easier with WhatsApp catalog, a feature of WhatsApp Business that allows buyers to make purchases and transactions directly through WhatsApp. BCA Bangga Lokal merchants have also embraced this feature to expand their online sales channels. The following is a list of local brands from BCA Bangga Lokal that you can find on WhatsApp Catalog:

Here’s how to make a transaction using WhatsApp Catalog:

  1. Start a chat with the merchant’s WhatsApp number
  2. Open the cart
  3. Add products to the cart
  4. Click 'view cart'
  5. Select 'check out'
  6. Open the payment link
  7. Enter your name, email, and address
  8. Click ‘continue’
  9. Review the order and click pay
  10. Select QRIS and complete the payment
  11. After the payment is complete, track the status of your order using the ‘track order’ link

Get special offers from these merchants until 31 December 2024. Start your shopping experience through the WhatsApp Catalog now! For more information, contact Halo BCA 1500 888 or through the haloBCA app.