16 Feb 2024 | News & Features

Invest easily through myBCA App Welma feature with flexible transaction limit!

BCA present its customer with innovative investment solution through myBCA App Welma feature, so customer can invest easily, comfortably and accessed everywhere

In addition, to support customer purchase of investment transactions that require more transaction limit, customer can enjoy purchasing Mutual Funds or Secondary Market Bonds with the following conditions:

Currency Minimum Purchase Transaction (Through myBCA App Welma feature) Maximum (limit) Purchase Transaction
(one BCA ID account a day)


Mutual Funds: IDR10,000 (or as prospectus)

Bonds: IDR1,000,000



Mutual Funds: US$250 (or as prospectus)

Bonds: US$1.000


For customer who need to sell their investment product can sold according to customer investment ownership. However, early redemption of ST & SBR Bond products can be done according to Ministry of Finance (Kemenkeu) regulations.

For new investor customers who are interested in investing, you can Register Investor Data (SID Registration) directly via the Welma feature. Invest now and get various attractive investment promos!

Call Halo BCA 1500 888 ext. 4 investment product services for further information (services in Indonesian Language only)