15 Feb 2024 | News & Features

Buy BCA Life Heritage Protection, Get Cash Back Up to IDR15 Million!

One way to protect your family is by setting up an inheritance. Life insurance can be a solution if death occurs to the head of the household. With life insurance, the Sum Assured can be directly passed on to family members.

To fulfil this needs, BCA Life presents BCA Life Heritage Protection, a traditional life insurance product that can be used as an inheritance for your children and family.

Buy BCA Life Heritage Protection at branch and get cashback of up to IDR15 million, with the following conditions:

Promo Period Until 30 September 2024

Annual Premium (IDR)

Cashback (IDR)

 25 Million s/d < 50 Million


 50 Million s/d < 100 Million


100 Million s/d < 200 Million


200 Million s/d < 300 Million


≥ 300 Million


  • Valid for annual/single policy payments
  • Cannot be combined with other ongoing programs
  • For single payments, the premium calculated to obtain cashback is 10% of the single premium
  • BCA Life will credit the cashback with estimate of 60 days since the policy is in force
  • Any taxes arising from the provision of cashback are borne by BCA Life
  • Issued limit 7 Oktober 2024

The following is a cashback simulation that can be obtained by the Customer:

Simulation to Get Cashback Prize

#Example 1

Mr. David is a 45-year-old successful entrepreneur. To maintain the continuity of his business in the event of risk of death, Mr. David decided to apply for BCA Life Heritage Protection with an annual premium of IDR200 million, a 10-year payment period in July 2024. Once the policy is in-force, Mr. David will receive:

  1. Life protection up to the age of 99 years old with Sum Assured of IDR5 Billion
  2. Cashback of IDR6 million

#Example 2

Mrs. Dewi is a 40-year-old business woman. To protect herself and ensure the financial security of her children in the event of death, she used some of her savings to purchase BCA Life Heritage Protection with a single premium of IDR500 million in September 2024. Once the policy is in-force, Mrs. Dewi will receive:

  1. Life protection up to the age of 99 years old with Sum Assured of IDR2,5 Billion
  2. Cashback of IDR1,15 million (Premium calculated for cashback is 10% x IDR500 million = IDR50 million )

For more information, click on the benefits of BCA Life Heritage Protection here or visit the nearest BCA branch.