01 Feb 2023 | News & Features

Easy Claim Submission, Life Becomes Merrier

Dr. Elizabeth Amanda Sunur, a 28-year-old general practitioner at a private hospital in Jakarta, will never forget the Covid-19 pandemic a couple of years ago. She lost her father, Eliaser Yentji Sunur, who at the time was still the Regent of Lembata Regency, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. He contracted Covid-19 and about a week after being hospitalized, he died due to internal bleeding in his digestive tract.

It made Amanda even more devastated because a few years earlier she lost her beloved mother to cancer. Now, as the eldest child, Amanda assumed bigger responsibility, especially since her two younger siblings are still in school.

However, Amanda’s late father had anticipated the risks that might happen to him, especially after the loss of his beloved wife, namely by having a life and health insurance product from AIA in collaboration with bancassurance BCA called Maxi Protection.

Maxi Protection insurance allows the father to prepare protection for the family through sum assured. Assisted by AIA Bancassurance Life Consultant (BLC), Amanda filed a claim for the sum assured for her father’s death to AIA by bringing his insurance card

“The process of filing a claim is quite easy and convenient, as I was assisted by AIA BLC. The money I got from the claim has been very helpful, especially for my siblings’ education fees. Another part of it is used to purchase an insurance policy at AIA,” explained Amanda.

After experiencing the benefits of insurance protection, Amanda understands more and more that having insurance as early as possible is the right step in anticipation because the risk of illness or death can knock on your door at any given time.

Since then, Amanda and her younger siblings followed in her parent’s footsteps by applying for AIA insurance. Now all of her family members are protected by AIA. This proved useful when one of Amanda’s younger siblings who had just joined AIA had to be hospitalized, AIA immediately covered her medical expenses. Amanda believes that she and her siblings are right to choose Maxi Protection from AIA.

Apply immediately for an insurance product similar to Amanda’s father, namely Maxi Protection Plus, through an AIA BLC at the nearest BCA branch or by clicking “Apply Now” below.