09 Jan 2023 | News & Features

BCA Payroll Employee Salary Payments Solution with Various Benefits

Ensure employee salary payments are done easily, safely and on time with BCA Payroll. Enjoy the convenience of salary payments that can be made anytime 24/7 including holidays and weekends. There are various benefits of BCA Payroll for companies and employees, starting from special admin fees for employee salary accounts, special offers for home, cars and motorbikes ownership, and others.

BCA Payroll Features

  • 24/7 payroll including holidays dan weekends
  • Payroll notifications email for companies and employees
  • Payroll transaction hours can be set as needed

BCA Payroll Benefits

  • Catapa and HaloDoc offers for enterprises
  • Special KPR, KKB, and KSM offers for employees
  • Welcoming Payroll Program, special for new and reactivated Payroll for SME and Commercial customers