04 Oct 2022 | News & Features

Undergoing Treatment with Peace of Mind Thanks to Health Coverage

For the past two years, the pandemic has opened our eyes to the importance of health protection. Like Liawati (41), when she, her husband, and two children were diagnosed with Covid-19 last year. Her decision to become a customer of Maxi Protection insurance policy with Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus rider from AIA since 2019 has benefited her in difficult times.

“Last year, I contracted Covid-19 when the spread was at its highest. It was difficult to get a bed at the hospitals. Lucky for me, AIA Bancassurance Life Consultant (“BLC”) or the marketing staff was quick to come to the aid and provide a solution by finding and accompanying me throughout the process until I got admitted. But, two days later my kids were also infected. It was a distressing situation for me,” said Lia, a mother of two.

Amid her fight against Covid-19, followed by her two children who contracted the same virus, she was feeling down, and not only did she need moral support, but also a solution so she could undergo treatment peacefully.

Liawati was in intensive care for two weeks, which cost her approximately Rp50 million. However, Liawati didn’t spend any money as her care was all covered by AIA.

AIA solutions for Liawati didn’t stop there. Once she was released from the hospital, Liawati was contacted by the Personal Medical Management (“PMM”) service via phone and instant message services. They intensely and continuously ask about her condition after discharge.

Personal Medical Management (“PMM”) is a health service available for AIA insurance customers, including Maxi Protection with Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus rider, which Liawati owned. It provides personal assistance to customers in the face of medical conditions.

While she was still in recovery post-Covid-19, her husband contracted the virus. “Maybe my husband was in his best shape after taking care our kids at home. I am grateful that my husband has also been protected by the Maxi Protection with Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus rider, even though his membership was only in recent months. My husband had more severe and worrying symptoms. He was hospitalized for more than a month and required a lot of medical treatment. The hospital bill reached over Rp260 million, which was an enormous expense for him. We’re so lucky to have AIA insurance through the Maxi Protection with Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus rider.”

Not long after, Liawati was once again under a trial. Her condition declined because she had to take care of her sick husband, while she was still recovering from Covid-19.

“Thanks to the PMM facility, I can freely consult a doctor online. The PMM team diligently and regularly followed up my health developments. When my health declined and I had fever, my platelet count dropped to 55,000. I was then diagnosed with dengue fever and got a referral for a hospitalization. For a week of treatment and hospitalization, the cost incurred reaching more than Rp20 million – all of which was covered by AIA insurance through Maxi Protection with Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus rider.”

“We are both lucky to have Maxi Protection from AIA insurance with Premier Hospital and Surgical Plus rider. With the two names behind it, namely AIA and BCA, we do not hesitate to entrust our health protection with insurance products issued by AIA through bancassurance collaboration with BCA. My husband and I have also been a customer of BCA for a long time. Furthermore, our close relationship with BLC AIA, including the experience that my husband and I had, has helped us through the difficult times due to Covid-19. From finding a hospital, undergoing treatment, to getting out of the hospital.”

From this experience, Liawati has become more aware of the need to have insurance as a health care solution at an unexpected time, “Insurance is very important because we don’t know when things will go south. As the saying goes “sedia payung sebelum hujan!” (Loosely translates to better safe than sorry). Set aside your money whenever possible to buy an insurance policy for a long-term protection.” 

If you are interested in obtaining a product like Mrs. Liawati, you can find the information on the product called Maxi Protection Plus as well as other insurance products from AIA through BLC AIA or the Welma app from BCA.

Disclaimer: This insurance product is a product of PT AIA FINANCIAL (“AIA”) and is not a product and responsibility of PT BANK CENTRAL ASIA, Tbk. (“BCA”). BCA only acts as the party that refers to AIA insurance products. This insurance product is not guaranteed by BCA and is not included in the coverage of the guarantee program as referred to in the provisions of law regarding deposit insurance institutions.

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