23 Sep 2022 | News & Features

Formulate Your Future with ORI022 Investment in BCA

Preparation for the future is important. The preparations made can also vary, ranging from maintaining a healthy body through a variety of food intakes that are formulated to have balanced nutrition, to formulating financial plans so that future goals can be realized. The investment goals set also vary, such as adding other income as passive income, growing your assets, even preparing for financial freedom, etc.

Now, the government has issued Surat Berharga Negara (SBN), Obligasi Negara Ritel (ORI) series ORI022 with safe feature because the payment of principal and yield are guaranteed by law and tradeable feature which can be traded in the secondary market so they have the potential to earn profit/capital gain. These bonds have a fixed coupon of 5,95% per annum. By investing in ORI022, in addition to achieving your investment goals, you are also supporting development in Indonesia, because the funds invested will be used to finance the Indonesian National Budget.

ORI022 can be ordered starting from IDR1 million (up to IDR5 billion) from September 26 – October 20, 2022, through the Welma application from BCA, or the KlikBCAIndividual website. Especially for purchasing ORI022, customers can enjoy the benefits of being free of various fees, such as securities account opening fees, securities storage fees, and coupon transfer fees. In addition, if you need funding, SBN such as ORI, SR & FR can be used as collateral for working capital loans or sold at the secondary market at competitive prices. You can also enjoy the free transaction fee for Secondary Bonds program only in Welma.

Get a special promo ORI022 via Welma in the form of IDR5 million cashback with the purchase of IDR5 billion until 28 September 2022 and specifically for new investors at BCA, get a cashback of IDR100 thousand with a minimum purchase of IDR5 million during the offerig period. For those of you who are investing in BCA for the first time, you can register for Single Investor Identification (SID) directly in Welma.

Let's formulate your financial plan by adding passive income through ORI022 at BCA before you lose your chance! For more information, please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or mention the Twitter account: @HaloBCA.