12 Apr 2022 | News & Features

Let’s Invest your THR in Welma!

Eid Mubarak is one of the most awaited times for Indonesian people. This holiday is often marked by sharing kindness, unique foods, the sound of drums and the giving of THR. So that your THR can be used for various good things, it's best not to spend it all immediately.

THR is given as an additional pay and outside the normal pay cycle, so they connote additional income. However, don't let THR become a passing fund because it runs out immediately. It's better to be wiser in its use, if you can use THR for various important things such as giving charity, buying holiday needs, and no less important, you can set aside some for investment.

Investment is one of the provisions for future preparation, where our funds can grow, so it is one of the favorite ways to get passive income. This time you can take advantage of the THR momentum to invest even more with the promo at Welma. Welma is an investment application from BCA that can be downloaded from Google Playstore & App Store. You can invest in mutual funds, primary and secondary market bonds, and monitor the performance of investment products anywhere with Welma.

Let's download and invest in Welma to prepare for your good future! Further information can be found by contacting the BCA branch that serves investment transactions, or by calling Halo BCA 1500 888 with extension 4.