17 Feb 2022 | News & Features

Let’s Optimize Investment Potential in Technology Sector!

In recent decades, the development of the digital world has become increasingly widespread and rapid. Especially with the many challenges we experienced, and technology is required to provide the solutions. Given the huge potential for development in technology, suffice to say that the there is a great potential for investment development potential in said sector.

Seeing the huge potential, BCA together with its Investment Manager (IM) partner, PT Batavia Prosperindo Aset Manajemen (BPAM), offered an investment solution in the form of the Batavia Technology Sharia Equity USD Mutual Fund (BTSEU), the majority of which (currently) is on the technology stock market in the United States, that has become the center of innovation and the world’s giant technology companies.

The presence of global technology-themed mutual funds is expected to meet the needs of investors in diversifying investments, especially with the focus on technology sector investment in the U.S. stock market, which is the market with the largest capitalization. This time, BPAM collaborated with Franklin Templeton, who is one of the leading & largest IM in the world, as a technical advisor for BTSEU products.

BTSEU can be purchased at BCA starting from USD10 thousand, through the Welma app and at BCA branches that serve investment transactions starting 16 February 2022. Especially for those who have never invested in Mutual Funds at BCA, you can register an investment identity number or known as SID (Single Investor Indentification) directly on Welma.

Download Welma now on Google Play Store or App Store and optimize investment potential in the technology sector! For more information, please contact Halo BCA (1500 888) Ext. 4 for investment product services.