20 Aug 2021 | News & Features

Celebrating National Customers Day, VIRA Presents #StoryWithVIRA

To celebrate the National Customers Day that falls on 4 September, VIRA (Virtual Assistant Bank BCA) wishes to give appreciation to VIRA’s friends.

#StoryWithVIRA is an expression of appreciation for the trust that VIRA users have placed in VIRA with their banking needs. In addition, in this activity, VIRA also collaborates with Bioskop Online to support local creators.

There’s a special surprise for VIRA users who have made financial registration by linking their Debit BCA to VIRA account and using banking features. See full information below. 

Mechanism of #StoryWithVIRA Activity

  1. Add VIRA as a friend on LINE https://bca.id/viralineor Bank BCA’s Facebook Messenger https://bca.id/virafbm
  2. Register for financial feature by typing “registrasi perbankan” to VIRA
  3. Follow and complete the steps
  4. Perform banking transactions at least 10 times during the period of 21-31 August 2021 including balance inquiry, account statement, credit card bills, credit card limit and credit card transactions.
  5. VIRA will send a push message reporting your #StoryWithVIRA activity on LINE or Facebook Messenger to VIRA users who have linked their BCA account by 4 September 2021.
  6. There are 1,000 selected VIRA users who will receive a #StoryWithVIRA activity report along with a voucher code to watch movies on Bioskop Online worth Rp 5,000 and Rp10,000.

Terms & Conditions of the #StoryWithVIRA program

  1. One VIRA user on LINE can only get one voucher code.
  2. There are 1,000 voucher codes to win that can be redeemed to watch movies on Bioskop Online until 31 September 2021.
  3. VIRA gives away 1,000 unique voucher codes consisting of 500 vouchers @Rp5,000 and 500 voucher @Rp10,000.
  4. Valid for transactions on the Bioskop Online website and application both iOS / Android.
  5. Promo is valid for transactions using any type of payment.
  6. Cannot be combined with other promos.

Bioskop Online Voucher Code Redemption Mechanism

  1. Open bioskoponline.com on your browser (desktop or handphone) or download the Bioskop Online app on Appstore or Google Playstore.
  2. Select film using E-Voucher that you received from VIRA and then click the "Select Payment Method" button.
  3. Copy the code under the Bioskop Online logo and enter the code in the 'Voucher' box and click "Use Voucher"
  4. The voucher code can only be used during the written validity period.
  5. Click "Proceed Payment" and enjoy the movies on Bioskop Online!
  6. Should a problem occurs during redemption, please contact Bioskop Online customer service at support@bioskoponline.com


  1. The #StoryWithVIRA activity is open to everyone who meets the following requirement:
  2. Indonesian citizen (WNI) and is residing within the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  3. Have a valid identity card (Student Card/KTP/SIM/Passport) that must be produced upon re-registration process.
  4. Already added VIRA as a friend on the official LINE account or Facebook Messenger of the Bank BCA.
  5. Have a BCA account that has been linked to VIRA banking features.

Other provisions

  1. Participants who violate the Terms and Conditions will be disqualified.
  2. This activity is free of charge. Please beware of any fraudulent attempts on behalf of BCA.
  3. Any and all information about #StoryWithVIRA will be submitted through BCA’s official accounts, both on social media platforms and website.
  4. All documentation submitted into the #StoryWithVIRA activity are exclusive proprietary of BCA, and BCA has the sole and exclusive right to use them in accordance with promotional interests, including, but not limited to advertisements, billboards, printed, or digital promotional materials, and so on.
  5. BCA is, in its sole discretion, entitled to disqualify any participant who does not meet and/or violate and/or suspected of committing fraud to this provision. BCA reserves the right to change and/or modify the terms and conditions of the #StoryWithVIRA activity from time to time with or without prior notice.
  6. If the participant does not provide honest and reliable personal data, any form of consequences arising is the sole responsibility of the said participant.
  7. The operation of the #StoryWithVIRA activity follows the applicable legal provisions in Indonesia.
  8. If for any reason the awarding of the prize cannot proceed as planned, BCA reserves the right to modify the provision of the prize that is equivalent to the advertised prize.
  9. Participants who partake in the #StoryWithVIRA activity are free of charge. Participants are expected to be cautious in the event of fraudulent attempts by asking for fees/taxes related to this activity.