06 Nov 2020 | News & Features

Caring for Mother Earth by Investing in ST007 at BCA

Peduli Bumi dengan Investasi ST007 di BCA

Gaze upon ecological salvation as well as to offer sharia-compliant investment, the government released the second Green Retail Sukuk, namely the Sukuk Savings ST007, available for purchase from 4 - 25 November 2020.

The ST007 offers investment placement starting from Rp1 million (and its multiples) up to Rp3 billion, with yield/coupon floating with floor at 5.50% per annum, higher compared to deposit yields from state-owned lenders.  It is a safe investment because the ST007 is guaranteed by the law.

Purchase can be made via Welma or KlikBCA Individu application. By purchasing ST007 at BCA, you can enjoy benefits such as Rp70,000 cashback for a minimum purchase of Rp 7 juta via Welma, exempt from opening account fees, deposit fees up to maturity, and many others.

For those who have not purchased bond products at BCA, simply visit our branch offices that facilitate bond transactions or contact Halo BCA to open an investment account & create a Single Investor Identification (SID).

Get your ST007 at BCA now! For further information, please contact Halo BCA 24-hr service at 1500 888 or mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.