28 Sep 2020 | News & Features

Debit Authorization Becomes More Digitally Practical

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Authorization for direct debit payment of dues, insurance premiums, and other payments, can now be done digitally, with an ease of activation process from the BCA mobile.

First, register the BCA account from which authorization is provided, and select the BCA mobile-registered phone number used for financial transactions on website/application of the partner company.

Once it is done, continue the activation process on BCA mobile via the m-Admin menu and select “Atur Kuasa Debet” or tap the notification to continue the activation on BCA mobile. To learn more about this, please watch the following video:

For now, Prudential customers can register new debit authorization on payment.prudential.co.id.

For further information, please contact the Bank BCA’s WhatsApp at 08111500998, mention us at Twitter @HaloBCA, or contact Halo BCA 1500888.