23 Jul 2020 | News & Features

Hajj Becomes More Certain with LSBU BCA Sharia Services

Layanan Syariah Bank Umum

The hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam, is the dream of every Muslim believer all around the world. Besides a strong will, you can realize the dream if you can manage your finances well. The cooperation between BCA and BCA Syariah in Hajj Pilgrimage Funds Services (LPS BPIH) that facilitate deposit payment for hajj can be a solution.

Prospective pilgrims can make a BPIH deposit at BCA Syariah branch offices or designated BCA branches. To make a deposit, you must be at least 12 years of age, prepare an initial deposit for Hajj registration (currently Rp25,000,000) and stamp 3 x Rp6,000. In addition, applicants must provide the following documents:

Documents that must be produced upon the initial deposit

  • A copy of KTP
  • A copy of KK
  • A copy of birth certificate/marriage certificate/diploma
  • Five personal colored photos with a white background, showing 80% face, measuring 3x4 centimeters

After filling out the wakalah agreement & Statement Letter for Hajj Candidates (SPCH) at the branch office, a Hajj Savings Account (RJIH) will be automatically opened for you without ATM card/mobile/internet banking facilities. An e-statement is issued as a proof of RTJH ownership.

The savings cannot be used for banking transactions. Its sole purpose is to be used specifically as an intermediary account for hajj payment.

It is time to save up to realize your dream to visit Mecca and perform hajj. For further information, please visit BCA Prioritas or BCA Main Branch Office or contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us Twitter account @HaloBCA.

Provisions of Hajj Registration at the Ministry of Religious Affairs

  • Muslim
  • Minimum 12 years of age
  • Registration is carried out at Regency/City Ministry of Religious Affairs Office no later than 5 days after the initial deposit was made at BCA Syariah or a designated BCA branch
  • Hajj registration must be lodged individually and cannot be represented or done collectively
  • Pilgrims who have previously performed the hajj may only lodge an application 10 years after their last hajj.

Terms of Hajj Registration at Ministry of Religious Affairs

  • Fill out a Hajj Registration Form (SPPH)
  • ID card
  • Family Card (KK)
  • Birth certificate/marriage certificate/diploma
  • Receipt of BPIH initial deposit
  • Hajj Savings Account (RTJH) under the name of the hajj candidate
  • Five colored photos with a white background, showing 80% face, measuring 3x4 centimeters
  • Hajj Candidate Statement Letter (SPCH) obtained upon bank deposit

 Below is the list of BCA branches* that provide Hajj Pilgrimage Funds Services (BPIH)
 (* Implementation in stages as of 18 August 2020)

LSBU BCA Sharia Services


LSBU Cibubur

BCA KCU Cibubur
Jl. Alternatif Cibubur, RT05 RW09 
Harjamukti Cibubur 16454

LSBU Bekasi

BCA KCU Bekasi
Jl. Jend. Ahmad Yani no. 9 RT01 RW05
Bekasi 17414