08 Jul 2020 | News & Features

Need Not to Buy Savings Account, It Is Easy to Open a New One

Waktunya BCA Traktiran! Uang Makan Siang 100 Ribu Buat Kamu

Buat Apa Beli Rekening, Bikinnya Aja Gampang

If there is a thousand roads lead to Rome, cyber crime offenders may possibly have twice that number. It seems that there is an endless number of ways online transfer fraud can be perpetrated.

As of today, new MO continues to emerge and causes commotion. Unfortunately, falling victim to online fraud are still happening. It’s either because of the perpetrators are exceptionally skilled, or due to gross negligent and lack of knowledge on the fall prey part.

Among the many MOs, there is one that is fairly puzzling. Have you heard about the case of savings accounts that were sold at e-commerce marketplace?

For a moment, it must leave you confounded. How can a savings account be sold? And there are people who bought it, but what for? Opening a new savings today is as easy as texting with your significant other.

Simply open the BCA mobile account, open a new account, verify via video call, make a deposit via transfer, and done! Need not to go to branch office anymore.

Click here for instructions on how to open a new account via BCA mobile.

Then, why do people sell savings accounts? This is the new online fraud that you should be aware of.

The accounts that the fraud perpetrators sell are not theirs, but random accounts who have been taken over by these perpetrators. This is certainly illegal.

Smart-Money.co reports that these accounts are sold at vastly different prices. Savings accounts from BRI, BNI, BCA, CIMN Niaga, Jenius, are sold at starting price of Rp50 thousand up to millions of rupiah. In fact, digital wallets are also available for purchase in the marketplace.

Apparently, the accounts on sale were indeed a second account, which had been randomly selected by the fraudsters. The sellers then marketed the said accounts and guaranteed the accounts were safe to obtain and that the owners would never know about it. More overly, you don’t need an ATM card these days.

Not only that, in order to convince prospective buyers, the fraudsters provided a proof to sound more legitimate. They usually include profile picture of the owner of these accounts alongside the account numbers. The fraudsters also openly offered an official e-commerce and marketplace platform for purchase.

For those who found the seller accounts, do not hesitate to report them, because this crime is increasingly disturbing the community.

This MO was actually a trend last year. But, what they sold was savings books. The buyers were people with obvious malicious intent. The name and the account were then used for transactions, leaving the perpetrators with one final step to manipulate the victim by requesting an OTP.

Yes, the OTP is our final resort to secure our defenses from fraudulent activities. Protect your account, change PIN for your ATM and mobile banking regularly. Avoid using passwords that relate to important dates such as birthday, wedding anniversary, and so on.

Beware of unsolicited phone calls telling you that you have won a lottery prize and asking you to share an OTP to claim the prize. They might have gotten hold of your data and are just waiting for you to let your guards down.

Be the generation of anti MO, guys!

Source: smart-money.co