16 Jun 2020 | News & Features

Are You A MRT User? Visit Blok M-BCA Station and Explore the Culinary Paradise

Kamu Pengguna Moda Transportasi MRT? Coba Turun di Stasiun MRT Blok M-BCA dan Jelajahi Surga Kulinernya

For the ‘Southern Kid’ (a term refers to the residents of South Jakarta), commuting by MRT is almost an everyday scene. You sure don’t want to miss out the Blok M-BCA station, be it during lunch break or when getting off work, to grab dinner with friends or colleagues. This quarter is widely known for its peerless trove of culinary goodness.

Let’s talk about this! What are the culinary recommendations for you? So, in addition to special foods, the restaurants also provide the ease of cashless payment, the new normal mode of payment. You can rely on BCA mobile for e-Wallet top-ups or fund transfer via QRIS.

Here is the list:

  • Blok M Square is the nearest location to Blok M-BCA station. It will take you a 4-minute walk for a 300-meter distance. There are a variety of Japanese food, Filosofi Kopi, and Lesehan food stalls that have existed for ages.
  • Across the Blok M Square is Gule Tikungan (Gultik), a street food famous among the Southern Kid. Located 350 meters away from the station, Gultik is 5-minute away. A decent walk for small talk before enjoying a bowl of delicious gultik with soy sauce and crackers.
  • If you want to find more culinary options, M Bloc is the answer. M Bloc is a new space that stands for music and meals. It’s gotten a lot of hype since its opening last year. Situated within a stone’s throw away from the station, M Bloc is accessible by walk for approximately 13 minutes (1 km distance).
  • Located at a different venue from the previous three locations is Bakmi John and Sate Sambas. Both stalls can be reached by walk approximately 5-6 minutes, for a distance of 400-500 meters towards Blok A. There are also others such as Dapur Mamih Sateku and Ayam Goreng Berkah. Situated 550-650 meters away from the station, these restaurants can be reached by foot for around 7-8 minutes towards Melawai and Panglima Polim avenue.

As we have recommended a culinary paradise, now it’s up to you which one to go. Don’t forget to use BCA mobile for secure transactions during the New Normal. Maintain your distance while dining out, and if possible, bring your own cutleries. You can read the full article on smart-money.co.

For further information, please contact BCA Prioritas or BCA Main Branch Office or Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.