13 Mar 2020 | News & Features

If Necessary, Employees Must Work from Home Due to Corona Outbreak

As of now, Microsoft, Amazon and other big firms in the US have made a decision to allow their employees to work from home due to COVID-19 outbreak.

Jakarta, 9 Mach 2020

The number of confirmed Covid-19 infection cases continues to grow. Various international and national events such as concerts have been cancelled to help reduce the spread of the virus broadly.

It doesn’t preclude the possibility that the government may encourage companies to let their employees to work from home if required.

As of now, Microsoft, Amazon, Ford Motor, Citigroup, and other big firms in the US have made a decision to allow their employees to work from home due to Covid-19, as we see a growing trend in confirmed infection cases.

What if this happened in Indonesia, is there any preparation that needs to be done? Harvard Business Review provides a number of strategies that leaders can take to ensure that employees can work effectively remotely.

Establish roles and objectives

This shift is a great opportunity for leaders to review and ensure that each employee understands team goals, individual roles, and how can one contribute to an outcome. A leader must also determine whether there has been a change in duties and roles, if any, he/she must communicate said changes to the entire team.

Schedule regular meetings

Since regular face-to-face meeting is no longer possible, a leader must schedule time for virtual meetings. By doing so, everyone can pass and share latest data or information to each other and ensure all employees are still in the same post. A leader must also specify how many virtual meetings to conduct in a week.

Jika Terpaksa Karyawan Harus Bekerja Dari Rumah Akibat Corona

Communicate More

Indirect communication leads to miscommunication and misunderstandings. Leaders can develop communication strategies to reduce this from happening, from the communication flow to the channel used.

In addition, in changing conditions and the pressure of the spread of the virus can trigger stress among the employees. As a leader, do not forget to communicate on a personal level with employees.

Employees are not productive under stress and not working optimally. Here’s where a leader has a role to help so that business can run well.

Good luck!

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