10 Mar 2020 | News & Features

As A Millennial Bank, Compass to Design Special Shoes for BCA

Sebagai Bank yang Dekat Anak Muda, Compass Mendesain Sepatu Khusus untuk BCA

When there is a common vision and energy, people share mutual appreciation. This is reflected in the high popularity of sneaker industry among the youth. BCA as an experienced bank that also provides many innovations for the youth through a variety of products such as BCA mobile, Sakuku, Tahapan Expresi, and many more.

Despite its longstanding existence in the community, it doesn’t discourage BCA to continue to be the bank that stands by the younger generation. Compass appreciated this spirit by making a special design in celebration of BCA’s anniversary that falls in February, where it gave 63 pairs of shoes.

“The design philosophy of Compass shoes for BCA is simple. It pursued the m-Banking BCA’s minimalism and functionalism. Our response was to make a simple design, but with details that describe the Bank BCA: color identity and the year of establishment,” said Design Story Teller of Compass Shoes, Aji Handoko.

The young spirit that BCA carries within it has also been manifested in various youth activities. Aji further said that BCA, as a brand that is committed to supporting sneaker culture through the Jakarta Sneakers Day, deserves credit for its direct help in strengthening the foundation of said sneaker culture to be sustainable.

Sepatu Compass sees BCA’s vision clearly, with product development that focuses on Indonesia and the many BCA programs that promote the preservation of Indonesian culture. This shared vision underlies the goal of collaboration between Sepatu Compass and BCA.

“Engagement, it’s bold and clear. Honestly, in Compass, our collaboration has always started with friendship that would allow us to give a personal response to our friend as an identity and an honest response as a brand. By telling an honest story, the outcome product of our collaboration will look ‘soulful’ because it represents our identities. All started with ‘If we vibes, we vibes. If we don’t, we don’t.’ We would not force ourselves to create something for content if we never vibe since the start. I believe this because in every design lies a great story that makes it attractive and has a great impact to the society,” said Aji.