25 Feb 2020 | News & Features

Let’s Make Secure Investment for Indonesia’s Progress


There has been too many example of phony investments that led to investment frauds. As the market demand for investment grows, many also took the opportunity using fraudulent claims to solicit investment for their personal gain. You certainly do not want to purchase, use or trade counterfeit securities. So, to help you avoid this, the Government has released a government retail bonds (in Indonesian Sukuk Negara Ritel) code SR012 that is available  for online purchase until 18 March 2020. 

With an investment subscription starts from Rp1 million and its multiples, the SR012 offers a competitive fixed rate at 6.30% per annum. This product can be traded at Domestic Secondary Market and is a safe sharia-compliant instrument whose coupon payment is guaranteed by law. No need to worry no more if you invest in SR012.

SR012 can obtained through the Wealth Management BCA application called Welma or via KlikBCA Individu website. By choosing BCA, you can get various benefits including Rp100 thousand Cashback for investment purchase via Welma with a minimum subscription of Rp10 million, fee-free for the opening of Securities Account, free deposit fee until it reaches its maturity, competitive selling/buying transaction fees, and many more. 

For those who have not purchased bonds at BCA, you may proceed to registration process at BCA nearest branches, at all BCA Prioritas or Main Branch Office.

Are you still worried? Don’t be. Invest now in SR012 at BCA! For further information please contact Halo BCA 1500888 or simply mention us at Twitter account @HaloBCA.